Genetic Preservation and Standard Breed
The preservation of old and pure strains of standard bred poultry are in trouble. Many are suffering from low numbers of both birds and breeders.

Standard Breed has a simple agenda.
  1. To gather census data by breed and variety to aid in genetic preservation.
  2. To help potential breeders find quality stock for thier new or existing flock.

Please take part in our Poultry Breeder Census.

Census Data being gathered
We will be gathering breed and variety specific numbers in the following catagories:
  1. Number of breeding birds you have over winter
  2. Number of birds hatched
  3. Number of birds raised
  4. Breed Variety bloodline if known
Your specific information from categories 1 thru 3 above will be added to the overall total numbers as submitted by all breeders for the specific breeds and varieties you raise. This information will not be made public or shared.

Your specific information from category 4 will appear in your breeder listing described in the free breeder listing section below.

It is our intention to list the total numbers for breeders in the U.S. and Canada of breeding, hatched and raised birds by breed and variety in the near future. These numbers will eventually give a good idea of the overall state of the genetic pool remaining for standard breed poultry.

Here is a breed variety example:
Rhode Island Red Rose Comb
Total number of breeding birds over winter 458
Total number of birds hatched 880
Total number of birds raised 350

Free Breeder Listing
By taking part in the census you will be listed as a breeder for the specific breeds and varieties you sign up for.
Your Name, contact information, type of stock available and breed line will be listed.
These services are free.

Here is a listing Example:
Urch/Turnland Poultry, Duane Urch
2142 NW 47 Ave.
Owatonna, MN 55060
Your email address
A link to your website if you have one

Items For Sale:
Eggs, Chicks, Started Birds, Adult Birds
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